Kishorn Port and Dry Dock is the former construction site of the Ninian Central Platform, the site has 45 Hectares of land available (including the dry dock) for immediate construction and development with a further 19 Hectares available.

March 2019

Ocean GreatWhite at Kishorn Port & Dry Dock

Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL) commenced 2019 by welcoming its first major contract the Ocean GreatWhite. Owned by Diamond Offshore, a global offshore drilling contractor, the Ocean GreatWhite weighs in at 60,800 tonnes and is a 6th Generation Harsh Environment drilling rig capable of drilling down to 10,000m in 3,000m of water. With a draft of over 23 metres, the rig requires deep water for anchoring and Loch Kishorn provided the ideal sheltered conditions.

Ocean GreatWhite Departs from Kishorn Port & Dry Dock

Final preparations are being made for the imminent departure of the Ocean GreatWhite semi submersible drilling rig from Kishorn Port & Dry Dock.