KPL Directors, Alasdair Ferguson and Colin Ortlepp welcomed back to the Port, one of our founder members and Director, Simon Russell.

This was Simon’s first visit in over 3 years to the Port since his retirement from KPL and moving back South.
It was a great opportunity for Simon to witness the continued development at the Port, since the business was founded in 2008.

Timing was great, as the Ocean GreatWhite was still in at anchor, the Northern Producer in the loch and the Voyageur Spirit alongside the quay, west of the Dry Dock.

Nestling in the Dry Dock, arguably the largest jack up drilling rig in the World, the “Noble Intrepid” for inspection, maintenance and repairs using our exemplary facilities.

We had a very enjoyable day, where Simon was delighted to see the progress being made on the contract wins for the Port in recent times, utilising the anchorage, dry dock, lay down areas, concrete manufacturing, welfare, marine and port services provided.

Due to Covid it has been a few years and hopefully it won’t be as long until the next visit!

Simon was amazed at the further transformation of the site over the three years since his last visit and commented “It was fantastic to see four major structures in the Port, including two of the largest drilling rigs in the world. It is great to see the Team delivering on the vision that Ally and myself had over a decade ago when we set up KPL.

The site facilities are second to none and Kishorn is now established as a facility of choice for the oil and gas, decommissioning and concrete manufacturing sectors. I won’t be leaving it so long until my next visit.“